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As a former basketball player and acrobatic dunking performer I have established my junior educational school in September, 2012 in Szeged, Hungary.
Students were coming from all age, boys and girls as well. With two years of hard work we built the necessary strength and acrobatic basics for the learn and practice of the choreographed shows.

We started to perform in front of the audience from May, 2014 in Hungary in the breaks of basketball plays.
In April, 2015 we have fulfilled our first foreign performance invitation and we made a show on a basketball match in Czech Republic.

We organized our first circus tour in Italy in Fall of 2015, where during the two months time we built a great team and our enthusiastic and motivated youngsters could excellently take over the choreographed show elements.

Presently we have several choreographies that we always perform precisely during the shows, however we are ready to make any kind of shows upon client’s request.
Our junior trainings are still ongoing along with the training of our performers and we await for new youngsters’ applications.


Milan Olle head-coach